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  1. Another 6.2 to 7 transitioning issue. I'm trying to replicate the following legend for a chart. It is a stacked bar chart with two constant lines (to denote universe and group median values). Ideally I would like to maintain the exact layout (including borders on the second legend box). Thank you
  2. Just now transitioning to ChartFX 7, so bear with me if this is a simple question. I'm trying to display a simple line border around my legendbox, but it only seems to work if the whole chart border is enabled. Is there a way to only have a border on the legendbox (rather than on both the legendbox and the whole chart)? Thanks
  3. Hi, Is it possible to switch the X and Y axis, so the series label run up the side, while the data line is on the X axis? Sample of what I am trying to achieve is attached. Thanks, Eric
  4. Hmm, couldn't get that solution to work (pointlabels is a boolean property), but here's the general fix I came up with in case anyone else runs into this issue. double dSpace = 0.125; //percentage of your chart that the point labels should take up, in this case I'm going with 1/8 of the chart double dBarMin = chtBar.AxisY.Min; double dBarMax = chtBar.AxisY.Max; double dBarTotal = dBarMax + (-1* dBarMin); //total Y size double dBottomPad = (dBarTotal * dSpace); //how much extra y-value to tag onto the lower end chtBar.AxisY.Min = chtBar.AxisY.Min - dBottomPad; Hit Test Problems.zip
  5. Hmm, ok. As another option, is there a way to force the labels to stay at the top of the bar, regardless if the value is negative? So on neg values, it would sit just on top of the 0-line.
  6. Anyone? I can supply an image if you are unclear about what I'm referring to.
  7. Hmm, updated but still seem to be having the problem. 6.2.1342.0 Is this not the latest version
  8. Sorry, think I found my answer (get latest build) http://support.softwarefx.com/ShowArticle.aspx?Type=KB&Product=CfxNet62&Source=http://support.softwarefx.com/kb/710/2/059.htm
  9. Hi, Having a few problems with the point labels on my bar chart. The point labels are not staying within the boundaries of the bar chart, causing them to overwrite the x-axis label for lowest negative value, and writing over the chart border on the higher positive values. I can solve the "higher positive values" problem by switching the AxesStyle to Math (removing the top border), but I have not come up with a way to keep the "lowest negative value" from overwriting the Axis label. Suggestions?
  10. Hi, I am trying to format the series "legend" that appears directly over each pie chart in a multiple series pie chart. Currently, the font information seems to be derived from the PointLabelFont, but the text itself can be modified via chart.Series[x].Legend. I am aware of the SerLegBoxObj.Font, but that is for a separate legend rather than the text above the pie charts. Is there a way to change this series legend font separately from the PointLabelFont?
  11. Hi, I'd like to be able to bold (or change the color) of a specific label on the x-axis. So say it was a list of months, I'd like to be able make March bold/red, while leaving the others normal/black Is this possible?
  12. It was a request from one of my co-workers (superiors) who saw someone else do it on a line chart. It looks pretty crappy IMO (a really thick checkerboarded line), but it wasn't my call. Now that I know the software can't handle it, I can use the software as the reason I can't do it rather than my own personal sense of style. Thanks -E
  13. Having troubles setting the hatch pattern on a line chart. Here is the syntax I am trying... chtPacing.Series[0].Pattern = HatchStyle.SmallCheckerBoard; ...I know there is the LineStyle option... chtPacing.Series[0].LineStyle = DashStyle.Dot; ...but I was hoping to use the different HatchStyles. Any suggestions? Thanks, -E
  14. Working on a bar-line combination chart, and was wondering if there was a way to set the z-order of the series? Ideally, I'd like for the series 0, 2, and 4 to be on top (lines), and 1, 3, 5 underneath (bar). chtPacing.Series[0].Gallery = Gallery.Lines; chtPacing.Series[1].Gallery = Gallery.Bar; chtPacing.Series[2].Gallery = Gallery.Lines; chtPacing.Series[3].Gallery = Gallery.Bar; chtPacing.Series[4].Gallery = Gallery.Lines; chtPacing.Series[5].Gallery = Gallery.Bar; It appears to be layering them in order in the dataset (so the series 5 is on top, 0 on bottom). Is there a w
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