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Tab Order on Bar Charts


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I am afraid I don't follow your inquire. I am not aware of tabidex on Chart FX hotspots...Could you please be more specific about what you want to accomplish?

I Google "HotSpots tabindex" and I found this:


I wonder if this something related to what you need.

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Maybe the attached screenshot will help us get on the same page.

The Setup:

1. This is a bar chart.

2. The output is PNG.

3. Each bar on the chart is linked to a subsequent page.

4. Linking is handled by a map generated by Chart FX 6.2.

The Problem:

1. The first time I hit the TAB key on my keyboard on the chart, the first item tabbed to is the bar on the far right (MATLS).

2. Each subsequent TAB "advances" the selection one bar to the LEFT.

I've just discovered what has to be a contributing factor... the <MAP> generated by Chart FX 6.2 lists each bar in the REVERSE order that they were added to the chart. I've attached that excerpt from the page and map also.

Please help... Thanks!

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This order can not be modified. The tab order in the imagemap is the order of the elements in the image map. The order of the elements has to be the reverse of the painting order so that overlapping areas will link to the correct element (when you click on overlapping areas, the first one in the map will take precedence).

The only solution I can think of here is to write a JavaScript that executes on Form Load and changes the tabindex of each AREA element inside the MAP element (DOM).

I am not sure whether or not tabindex in the AREA element will be honored by the browser.

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