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Manually populating the grid


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Hi there

I am trying to populate the grid using data that will not be bound to the grid as i need to manipulate the returned query data.

I then will populate the grid from this manipulation.

Could someone tell me how i would go about populating the grid.  I have looked through the API reference in the resource center and not sure where i should start,

 Thanks for any help 

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The first place to look is in the Programmers Guide. Go to the Data Connectivity section and then open the Binding to Databases page, also check out Unbound Mode.

To see some code, open the Real Estate Sample in Visual Studio: there is a sample web page populating the grid without using Datasource Controls but .Net Classes: DataBind_BO. Additionally, take a look at the DataBind_UnboundData page to see how to populate a grid from scratch.

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