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Is there a clinet side scripting API?  If so, where are the docs?

 If not, can we add buttons/menu items to the toolbar at the top of the grid?  If so, how?

 With our current grid implementation, we have several actions that we can perform based on the selected row either using a context menu and/or a separate drop-down menu.

 There are, however, some compelling reasons to switch to GridFX, namely the charting and sidebars, if we can perform all of the other functions we have today.


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Thank you for your interest in Grid FX.

For the time being Grid FX client side API is no documented widely as the server-side is but we have plans to have it before long. Now, regarding customizing the Toolbar, you can show or hide current buttons but not adding new ones.

Your feedback is very important to us and we appreciate you took the time to evaluate our product. If you require any information please contact us again, we

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I'm sorry, but that's not currenlty available.  The selected row is held in the Grid client-side control, but it's an internal property and is obfuscated.  So if I told you now, it would likely break later.  We are working on releasing a full documented client-side API and I will contact you as soon as it's possible.  Will that work?

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