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IE hangs


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Our clients are reporing that sometimes (1 in 10 times) they are trying to display a .Net render chart and this cause IE6 and IE7 to "hang".

This occurs when the user opens our charting application and trys to view a chart. The chart starts to display the downloading icons and indicates that the chart is being downloaded, but after 5 - 10 seconds the chart stops and hangs IE.

The only way to fix this to ctrl-alt-del and close the IE process in task manager (while in this phase you can see the memory usage for the IE process increase very quickly)

After closing IE and you then do the same process the chart is displayed.

What is going on here, why does it hang?

Environment is

Server - 2003 with the lates chartfx release

Client - XP SP2 with .Net framework enabled 




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You do have the latest version, so it looks like my observation was wrong. Just to be sure that these are the dll's being downloaded to your client, run GACUTIL /LDL in your client and verify the version.

Using the latest version we have never experienced this problem. Can you reproduce it consistently? If so please attach a sample application along with the steps to reproduce it.

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