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Using Hi Low Close for Max Min Mean


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I need to build a chart that plots MAX, MIN, and MEAN of a dataset over time.  The HiLowClose chart seems to be the closest example of what I want.  Does anyone know how to use a different shape for the Close value?  The line is not always easy to see.  I noticed in the tooltip caption that it displays all three values using the template High: x - Low: y - Close: z.  Is there a way for me to modify this so that it would say Max: x - Min: y - Mean: z?  Perhaps there is another chart type (gallery) that would be better to use.

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The HiLowClose Chart is mostly used to plot "Financial Data". I believe what you are looking for is an Statistical Chart. Please note that we do provide these kinds of galleries (Financial, Statistical, Maps, OLAP) as part of our Extensions Pack; however, this package is only available for our .NET Component.

If you wish to give this a try, you can download a trial of ChartFX for Visual Studio 2005 and ChartFX for Visual Studio 2005 Extensions Pack. Once you install the product(s), you can refer to the Samples & Resource Center (Documentation installed with the product) for numerous sample projects that are provided with the installation.

Moreover, the Statistical Extension provides features such as adding a study to your Statistical Chart while some galleries have pre-defined studies that are plotted when you set them.

Hope this information helps.

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Unfortunately, I cannot use .NET for this project.  It requires an .OCX control.  The HighLowClose will work, although visually it is not ideal.  Is there a way to modify the data point tooltip so that it would say Max: x - Min: y - Mean: z?  Is there a way to change the shape of the Close marker?


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Yes. The tooltip text can be modified by setting ToolTipMask.

Another option you have for this chart is to create a combination chart consisting of one bar and one scatter chart. The bar chart supports Initial Values (starting point of the bar) and will allow you to have "floating bars". The scatter series will represent the Mean can can sit on top of the bars. You can control the shape of the mean marker if you use this approach.

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