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  1. Perfect! I was hoping there was a way to do it. I had looked at the Gantt chart and saw how you can set the Initial Values but I did not think about combining it with a scatter or point chart. I will give that a try. Thanks, Jason
  2. Unfortunately, I cannot use .NET for this project. It requires an .OCX control. The HighLowClose will work, although visually it is not ideal. Is there a way to modify the data point tooltip so that it would say Max: x - Min: y - Mean: z? Is there a way to change the shape of the Close marker?
  3. I need to build a chart that plots MAX, MIN, and MEAN of a dataset over time. The HiLowClose chart seems to be the closest example of what I want. Does anyone know how to use a different shape for the Close value? The line is not always easy to see. I noticed in the tooltip caption that it displays all three values using the template High: x - Low: y - Close: z. Is there a way for me to modify this so that it would say Max: x - Min: y - Mean: z? Perhaps there is another chart type (gallery) that would be better to use.
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