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Z-Order on multi-gallery charts


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Working on a bar-line combination chart, and was wondering if there was a way to set the z-order of the series? Ideally, I'd like for the series 0, 2, and 4 to be on top (lines), and 1, 3, 5 underneath (bar).

chtPacing.Series[0].Gallery = Gallery.Lines; 

chtPacing.Series[1].Gallery = Gallery.Bar;

chtPacing.Series[2].Gallery = Gallery.Lines;

chtPacing.Series[3].Gallery = Gallery.Bar;

chtPacing.Series[4].Gallery = Gallery.Lines;

chtPacing.Series[5].Gallery = Gallery.Bar;

It appears to be layering them in order in the dataset (so the series 5 is on top, 0 on bottom). Is there a way to change this behavior? 
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