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scatter plot question


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I have a scatter plot I am working on, that places 1700 points in 25 diferent series.

The points are well positioned on the chart,

however for some enigmatic reason I also get 1700 points on X axis that I cant seem to get rid of.

Does the NValue has any affect on the X axis?

in any case, is there any way to crop a chart?

I am getting a little tired of this component, so hard to get it to do what I want...

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Look like you have an extra series of data, probably with all values set to zero (default).

You can verify this by turning on the Data Editor (DataEditor = true).

Check the code where you pass data to the chart and verify that you are indeed passing the right number of series. Remember, all indexes in Chart FX are zero-based, the first series is Series[0].

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