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  1. Hi, got a question regarding large data sets. it seems that whenworking with thousands of points on teh chart, distributed amongst multiple series the rendereing time is very long. is there a way to cut it down programaticly? is there a best-practice for that? a special component by SoftwareFx? Kyle
  2. ok, found the problem - it was my mistke when using the opendata method - created too many points...
  3. Hi Guys, I am having problems displaying the labels on Y axis when I use log. scale. I tried diferent combinations of min and max (as well as step) but to no avail. any tips regarding log. scales will be most welcome.
  4. I have a scatter plot I am working on, that places 1700 points in 25 diferent series. The points are well positioned on the chart, however for some enigmatic reason I also get 1700 points on X axis that I cant seem to get rid of. Does the NValue has any affect on the X axis? in any case, is there any way to crop a chart? I am getting a little tired of this component, so hard to get it to do what I want...
  5. Hi, I have recently encountered a problem with x,y plots I tried creating. I have added several series to the plot, but for some reason I see many other series that apear to have 0 values (all consentrated along the 0 line) I made sure that I am not the one to add them programaticly by mistake... Is there anyway to make sure that the undesired series will be removed without having to iterate on all series on the chart (which takes needless amount of time) and manually remove them?
  6. OK, checked, then re-checked, the entire code thing takes about 30 seconds, from there on it takes up to 20 min until I actually see the chart in the GUI... during this time the application does absolutly nothing. I am getting a little frastrated, there is no obvious reason for it to stall. when the chart finaly displayes, it can be easily min./max. so maybe its not the rendering of the chart but somthing else. is there any way to insert the points to the chart in real-time? meaning that each point will be displayed upon insertion? any othe comments/sugestion will be greatly ap
  7. Doesnt seem like the painting of the chart... resizing the window takes very little time, I will check the code itself. Thanks
  8. Hi all, I have a preformance problem with a chart I am trying to create that holds large amount of points on it (around 5000). The chart takes hugh amount of time to render. Is there any way to improve the performace? Thanks, Kyle
  9. I know that there should be way to use an image for the chart's background, but U can't seem to find a way to use it via the chart's properties. Am I missing somthing?
  10. Hi, I am trying to create a gallery of charts (programaticlly) that will look similar to the gallery found at http://chartfx.com/sfxGallery/ with the diference of it being windows app. and each chart is a functioning chart object. Is there a valid container class that can support this? if not, how would you suggest creating this gallery? Thanks, Kyle
  11. Its a pretty simple code, I dont have it available right now (will post it tomorow) but basicly its just a 'for' loop over a dataview, manually filling series 0 and 1. series 1 is scater and series 0 is a line. both refer to the same data points (I use this in order to allow users to 'remove' points from the chart) I then add a few constant lines nearly forgot, I also clear the data before getting into the 'for' loop. thats about all.
  12. Hi, I have a chart I am trying to create that has 2 series in it: one displaying points (scatter) and the other is a curve connecting all these points (I use this for several reasons). This chart also have a few constant lines acting as limits. When I scaled the chart to see all the points & limits, I found out that I actually have 20! series on the chart. All series from index 2 upwards have point values of 0. I have tried several ways of getting rid of the unwanted series but to no avail (even hiding them didnt work, it resulted in the auto scale Y axis feature being messed up).
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