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nullable properties?


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I think I found a bug, below is a test case.

Public Class test

  Private _age As Nullable(Of Integer)

  Private _date As DateTime = Date.Now

  Public Property age() As Nullable(Of Integer)


  age = _age

  End Get

  Set(ByVal Value As Nullable(Of Integer))

  _age = Value

  End Set

  End Property

  Public Property dateNow() As DateTime


  dateNow = _date

  End Get

  Set(ByVal Value As DateTime)

  _date = Value

  End Set

  End Property

End Class


Dim testList As IList(Of test) = New List(Of test)

  Dim test1 As test = New test

  Dim test2 As test = New test

  Dim test3 As test = New test

  test1.age = 14


  test2.age = 15


  test3.age = 34


  Chart1.DataSource = testList



any time I have a property with a type of nullable it just puts in zeros for the values. I saw some other posts were they had similar problems but were not using list objects.

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