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Chart with large amount of points on it


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5000 is not that many points.

- Verify what's taking the time, is is passing the data to the chart or painting the chart. This is easy to determine simple force a redraw of the chart (by minimizing and restoring the form for example) and see whether this is slow or not. If this is not slow then the time is beign spent setting up the chart and you need to review that code.

- If the time is indeed spent painting the chart. How much is a "huge time". In a decent computer, drawing a default 2D line chart takes way under a second to draw. Obviously this performance starts degrading if you start making the chart more "fancy".

- What type of chart are you creating (line, bar, etc) is it 2D or 3D?

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OK, checked, then re-checked, the entire code thing takes about 30 seconds, from there on it takes up to 20 min until I actually see the chart in the GUI...

during this time the application does absolutly nothing.

I am getting a little frastrated, there is no obvious reason for it to stall.

when the chart finaly displayes, it can be easily min./max. so maybe its not the rendering of the chart but somthing else.

is there any way to insert the points to the chart in real-time? meaning that each point will be displayed upon insertion?

any othe comments/sugestion will be greatly appriciated.

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