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records with the same groupid highlighted together


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What I'm looking for is a way to visualize to a user that 2 records belong together. In the example below

Product GroupID

harddisk   1

usbstick   1

monitor   2

monitor cable 2

microphone   3

speakers  3

speaker cable   3


I would like the first 2 records (belong together cause of the groupid) to have a white background, the second two records to have a light blue background, the next three white again etc.

Is this something I would try to do in the onBound event? Has somebody done this before?




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You are looking for a Conditional Formatting. Below you'll find a way to do it. It works best if you sort the grid by GroupID Field first, and the code should be in the DataBound Event.

protected void Grid1_DataBound(object sender, EventArgs e)


  int OldGroupID = Convert.ToInt32(Grid1.Items[0].DataValues["GroupID"]);

  System.Drawing.Color Blue = System.Drawing.Color.Blue;

  System.Drawing.Color Green = System.Drawing.Color.Green;

  System.Drawing.Color Color1 = Blue;

  foreach (GridItem currItem in Grid1.Items)


  int CurrentGroupID = Convert.ToInt32(currItem.DataValues["GroupID"]);

  if (CurrentGroupID == OldGroupID)

  currItem.Style.BackColor = Color1;


  if (Color1 == Blue)


  Color1 = Green;




  Color1 = Blue;


  currItem.Style.BackColor = Color1;

  OldGroupID = CurrentGroupID;



You can change not only the BackColor but the font color also. Is that what you need?

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