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attach seriesattributes to userlegendboxitem?


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When combining lines and bars in a chart it is annoying that line series dissappear behind bars. To solve this I have to move line series to the end (so they are drawn last and over the bars). However, I would like to make it appear to the user that the order hasn't changed. This means I need a legend where lines are often the first items in the legend, followed by the bar series. I know I can use the userlegendboxobj to create my own legend, but it would've been nice if I could attach a series to a userlegendboxitem. Unfortunately I can only attach points to a userlegendboxitems.

I can achieve my goal (though with much more 'hacking' than I'd hoped) but for one thing: one of the nicer features of ChartFX is the highlighting. For a series legend this works very nice: moving over the legend item highlights the attached series. However, I lose this feature when I use a userlegendbox, because there's no way of customizing the highlighting and the default behaviour is no good for my purposes, so I have to turn it of.

 Of course, a simple ZOrder property for a series would solve most of my problems in a much easier way.

 Are there plans to improve functionality, related to this problem in future service packs/versions?



Caius Caesar

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