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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that I received a hotfix that resolves this issue. Thanks to everyone who helped resolve the problem. Cecilia Daniels
  2. Attachment added so members could better understand the problem. Cecilia Daniels
  3. When I upgraded from Chart FX 7 to Chart FX 8, I noticed that the legend box color markers on my charts were smaller than they were in Chart FX 7. When I asked about this, I was told that the marker size has been changed to be half of the font size and there is no way to change this without changing the font size. I would like Chart FX to change this to increase the size of the markers on smaller fonts or provide a property that could be used for programmatic control. Is this a problem for anyone else? Thanks, Cecilia Daniels
  4. Just an FYI -- The support team acknowledged the issue and is looking into it. Cecilia Daniels
  5. I am having trouble getting the background changes to work properly in vb.net I would like to be able to do some of the things that the borders and backgrounds project is doing in C#, but I just can't get it working in vb. Can I get the example in vb.net? Thanks, Cecilia Daniels
  6. When creating the pie chart, I added the following code to insure that only one data series was graphed: chart1.Data.Series = 1 Not sure why it worked the first time, but now I can switch between the chart types and the pie chart always fill the screen. Hopefully this will help someone else who runs into this problem. Cecilia Daniels
  7. In .net I have a form with a chart FX control. The user selects the data and can switch between display of different charts.. When I make a pie chart first everthing looks fine. But when I display a pie chart after a bar chart, the pie chart is very small. I do a .reset on the chart object, which is supposed to clear all settings, but the problem remains. How can I correct this problem?
  8. Did his reply solve your problem? I am experiencing this and have yet to resolve the issue.
  9. Are there any examples of this where you have a line and a stacked bar chart? I seem to be able to get the lines to come to the front with a normal bar chart, but when it is stacked the lines are behind the bars no matter what I do. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Pipon - I do not think your work around is going to work for me. My application allows for more than one line on the chart. The stacked bar is associated with the Y Axis and the Lines are associated with the Y2 Axis. We currently use series.sendtoback to move the stacked bar items to the back so we can group lines and bars together on the legend. The Y2 items are now show at the beginning of the legend. The lack of control over the positioning of items on the chart coupled with the lack of control over the order items appear in the legend seems to be a significant weakness in ChartFX. Do you know it ChartFX is aware of this weakness and if there is any hope of them fixing it? Thank you, Cecilia Daniels
  11. Hello -- I have a chart with several series rendered as a Stacked Bar on the Y Axis. In addition I have 1 or more series rendered as line(s) on the Y2 axis. I am unable to make the line(s) appear in front of the stacked bar. Note: When the Yaxis is a Bar, I can use .sendtoback or .bringtofront on the individual series items to make the line appear in the front. But when I change to stackedbar it does not appear to have an effect. Any ideas. I took the additionalaxes sample app. and modified to illustrate the problem. I can post it if it would help. Thanks, Cecilia Daniels
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