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Problem while using data editor


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Can you attach a image of the chart showing the dataeditor with the missing labels? That will help me to offer you some sugestions.

Regarding the javascript error, it means that the browser wasn't able to display the .NET chart.  It may be because of the server configuration (i.e. missing the mime type), or the browser configuration (i.e. trusting settings: trust must be set to full).  For more information please see the section "Active Charts" in the docuemtation.

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 There are some workarounds to improve this, but the issue here, as you said, is that your legends are too long.

1) Use KeyLegs or short legends.

chart1.getLegend().setItem(0,"This is the month of January");
chart1.getLegend().setItem(1,"This is the month of February");
chart1.getLegend().setItem(2,"This is the month of March");
chart1.getLegend().setItem(3,"This is the month of April");


// ChartFX will use the keyleg instead of the legend



See attached img1.png 


2) Brake the legends by adding like brakes.  You may have to turn off the header in the dataeditor because it may not fit, but you can get the data to show in sync with the chart.


chart1.getLegend().setItem(0,"This is the month\nof January");
chart1.getLegend().setItem(1,"This is the month\nof February");
chart1.getLegend().setItem(2,"This is the month\nof March");
chart1.getLegend().setItem(3,"This is the month\nof April");


// ChartFX will use the keyleg instead of the legend


See attached img2.png (in next post)

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