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Problem with hidden points


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Hi All,

 These forums are great, found most of what I need as a noob to make a new chart.  One problem still haunting me though.  I have a chart with multiple data series.  The labels are dates.  Some of the data does not exist for certain dates.  No problem, I use


Or COD.AllocHidden

 however, although this hides the points, wherever there is a hidden point the line goes straight up to the top of the graph, as though the hidden point had a value of eleventy billion.  Is there a way to correct this? I would like the line to just stop at 8/13/07 and start at 8/15/07 if there's no data for 8/14/07.



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Can you verify the version of the ChartFX.WebForms.dll assembly you are using?

Are all of your points hidden?

Our default behavior is to do what you expect. If there is no data for a specifc day the line will stop on the previous point and restart on the next.

Can you duplicate in a small dummy page (with hardcoded data) so that we can test the same code here?


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I am using chartfx.lite.dll assembly 6.0.839.0, which is 389,120 bytes dated 3/31/2004, which is supposedly the latest (I downloaded it yesterday or the day before).  The code below will reproduce the problem. Just paste a graph on your form, put this in the form_shown and run it.  I'm running VS 2005 SP1.


Chart1.Gallery = Gallery.LinesChart1.ClearData(ClearDataFlag.AllData)Chart1.OpenData(COD.Values

Or COD.AllocHidden, 1, COD.Unknown)Chart1.Legend(0) = "8/1/07"Chart1.Legend(1) = "8/15/07"Chart1.Legend(2) = "8/31/07"Chart1.Value(0, 1) = 10Chart1.Value(0, 2) = 20Chart1.Value(0, 4) = 30Chart1.SerLeg(0) = "Stuff"Chart1.CloseData(COD.Values)Chart1.AxisY.Max += 2Chart1.AxisY.Min = 0Chart1.ToolBar = TrueChart1.SerLegBox = True
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