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Unable to get rid of unused series on a chart


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I have a chart I am trying to create that has 2 series in it: one displaying points (scatter) and the other is a curve connecting all these points (I use this for several reasons). This chart also have a few constant lines acting as limits.

 When I scaled the chart to see all the points & limits, I found out that I actually have 20! series on the chart. All series from index 2 upwards have point values of 0. I have tried several ways of getting rid of the unwanted series but to no avail (even hiding them didnt work, it resulted in the auto scale Y axis feature being messed up).

Any ideas?

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Its a pretty simple code, I dont have it available right now (will post it tomorow) but basicly its just a 'for' loop over a dataview, manually filling series 0 and 1. series 1 is scater and series 0 is a line. both refer to the same data points (I use this in order to allow users to 'remove' points from the chart)

I then add a few constant lines

nearly forgot, I also clear the data before getting into the 'for' loop.


thats about all.

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