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<AXCompat> setting in ChartFX.Internet.Config


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Anyone know what the <AXCompat> setting in the ChartFX.Internet.Config does ?

I'd hazard a guess at its something to do with COM/ActiveX and the way the browser behaves but I'm guessing. I know by setting the value to "False" it fixed a problem we were having with the non display of interactive chart but can anyone shed any more light on what it actually does ?

Thanks in advance,


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I'm just looking at exactly the same thing.

 When I have a config file like this:



<Relative>/ChartFX62/Temp</Relative><AxCompat>True</AxCompat> </CfxIESettings>

The chart will not reder at all. Looking at the generated HTML I notice that there is no <object id="ChartCtl1" classid="/chartfx62/download/ChartFX.Internet.Client.DLL#SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Internet.Client.Chart". We basically just get a blank page (where a chart used to be).  If I switch this back to



Then the chart renders fine. The only down side is that the chart much be clicked to activate the control.

The Server is a 2003 SP1.  Is this a know problem?



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When using AXCompat we will NOT generate the object tag (as this would require the user clicking the control to activate) but instead we should be inserting a script that will eventually add the chart. Can you post the result of using AXCompat in a clean page?


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