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Adding a custom attibute to a Chartfx Image using Attributes.Add


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 I am trying to add a custom attribute to a chartFx container. I have a piechart dispalyed on a .NET Webform. I would like to attach a javascript event to it so when the image is clicked, the javacsript event executes.

 This is the code i have so far in the Page_load event of the behind code

 chrtQuoteVsPol.Attributes.Add("onclick","openExpandedGraph();");  where openExpandedGraph is the javascript function that I want to be executed

 Initially, I used the _Click event of the graph. The problem that I got is that when the user uses the back button on the browser, the page does not go back. It stays in the same place.

I have applied all the latest chartfx service packs.

There must be an effcient way on doing this. I'll appreciate yor help on this matter

These are the project specs:

  • Visual Studio 2003, ASP.NET. C#
  • Windows XP
  • Internet Explorer 6.X
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