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  1. Thank You very much !!!!!! TestScatterplotLabels.zip
  2. I did that but the tooltip never appeared. Perhaps I can get you that information some other way...Let me know where I can get it.
  3. Hi: I am trying to add a custom attribute to a chartFx container. I have a piechart dispalyed on a .NET Webform. I would like to attach a javascript event to it so when the image is clicked, the javacsript event executes. This is the code i have so far in the Page_load event of the behind code chrtQuoteVsPol.Attributes.Add("onclick","openExpandedGraph();"); where openExpandedGraph is the javascript function that I want to be executed Initially, I used the _Click event of the graph. The problem that I got is that when the user uses the back button on the browser, the page does not go ba
  4. Thanks for the help. I just attached a screenshot of the Visual Studio 2003 designer showing the ChartFX icons that appear in the toolbox. I noticed that Gauges icons do not say Web Forms at their side like the regular chartfx icon. Could the the problem of why I can not drop the items into the designer? Should I need to uninstall and reinstall the Gauges setup program. Thanks Efrain Flores
  5. Hi... I got a screenshot but I don't know how to upload it to the post. Please help.
  6. My apologies for not being more specific. I am working on a webform in Visual Studio 2003. I am not able to drag and drop the gauge component into the designer. I don't get any type of error by Visual Studio. The Regular chart fx component works perfectly when it is dropped into the designer surface....but something is wrong with the Gauges (trial) Thanks again for all your help!!!
  7. Thanks a lot. I reinstalled and it solved the licensing problem The problem that I am having now is that I can not drop any gauge objects in the designer. The other ChartFX objects work fine. The horizontal and vertical gauge appear on the toolbox but I can not place them on the designer surface. What else could I look into to solve this problem? Thanks again....
  8. Hi: I just installed the trial version of Chartfx gauges on my desktop. I am currently running VisualStudio 2003 with the latest chartfx version (6.2). The trial version setup of ChartFX Gauges recommended me to upgrade the current chartfx version on my pc (which I did). After that, I was able to install the product. I went over to look at the samples, I noticed that every graphic displays the following message Invalid ChartFX Gauges License(0x00100000) Please contact SoftwareFX Inc. for support I did reboot the system to see if the problem would be fixed, but the problem s
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