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I would like to highlight the last point in a scatter plot by changing its attributes. I used the following peice of code:

chtGraph.Points(0, chtGraph.Data.Points - 1).MarkerShape = MarkerShape.InvertedTriangle

chtGraph.Points(0, chtGraph.Data.Points - 1).MarkerSize = 7

chtGraph.Points(0, chtGraph.Data.Points - 1).Color = Color.Red

On some graphs more than one point has its attribute changed. The points whose attributes changed do not have similar values so I am a bit confused how the above statements can change the attribute of more than one point. Any thoughts??

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>> On some graphs more than one point has its attribute changed.

Have you noticed any patterns on when this happens? Can you post a saved chart file as an attachment to see if we can duplicate this issue?

I tried your code on several charts and only the last point attributes were changed.


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I think I have worked out the problem. I use the same chart to scroll through different items on the graph. Each time the graph is redrawn i work out the first and last point and change their attributes but I think the last point from the previous draw of the graph has still got the altered attribute so I need to reset all point attributes first. How do I ensure the attribnutes are reset each time the graph is redrawn

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