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  1. I want just one toolbar with commands from both the toolbar and the annotation toolbar on it. Can I do this and if so how please:) Any pointers would be greatly appreciated:)
  2. Is there a way to ensure a point is on top on a radar or scatter plot. I highlight the first and last point in the plot but if the data is very close to either point you cannot see the highlighted point. I am setting the attibutes of the point as: chtChart.Points(lSeries, lPoint).MarkerSize = lMarkerSize chtChart.Points(lSeries, lPoint).MarkerShape = shpShape chtChart.Points(lSeries, lPoint).Color = Color.FromArgb(255, colColour) And setting the transparency of the series as a whole but if there is enough of a density of points I still cant see the point to be highlighted. Is there a w
  3. Can I rotate the radar chart so that 0 degrees is at the top, rather than it being 270
  4. I think I have sorted it out now, you have to cleatr the points first:)
  5. I think I have worked out the problem. I use the same chart to scroll through different items on the graph. Each time the graph is redrawn i work out the first and last point and change their attributes but I think the last point from the previous draw of the graph has still got the altered attribute so I need to reset all point attributes first. How do I ensure the attribnutes are reset each time the graph is redrawn
  6. I would like to highlight the last point in a scatter plot by changing its attributes. I used the following peice of code: chtGraph.Points(0, chtGraph.Data.Points - 1).MarkerShape = MarkerShape.InvertedTriangle chtGraph.Points(0, chtGraph.Data.Points - 1).MarkerSize = 7 chtGraph.Points(0, chtGraph.Data.Points - 1).Color = Color.Red On some graphs more than one point has its attribute changed. The points whose attributes changed do not have similar values so I am a bit confused how the above statements can change the attribute of more than one point. Any thoughts??
  7. I wish to allow users to draw lines on a graph using the annotation toolbar. I trap the creation of the object and add a text annotation object associated with the line indicating the gradient of the line. I have several problems. The text object I create does not move as the graph scrolls and hence does not stay with the line. If the user deletes the line the text object must be deleted also however can I access the existing annotation objects in code. I would like the user to be able to move or edit the text object even thou I set AllowModify and AllowMove the text object cannot be mo
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