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Accessing Parameters in Charts


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Hi, I am using MDX Queries and using CHARTFX 2005 to get the Bar Chart.In Bar Chart i want to pass id as a parameter which is an intrinsic property of MDX Query.I used TooltipFormat Property like "%l" , "%v "to pass x-axis legends or data value.Does ChartFX 2005 provide any solution to access intrinsic property of X-axis legends?I am not displaying ID in the chart and just showing labels of x-axis. 

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The TooltipFormat only exposes data "known" by the chart (e.g. Y Values, X Values, label) but you can instead use the GetTip event which allows you to build your own tooltip string. Obviously you will have to maintain the IDs and any other not-charted property so that you can access it when a tooltip is about to be shown.


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