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Datagrid with string values


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2 questions:

1. is it possible to show
strings in datagrid?? In my application i will show whether a user
trained with the armtrainer oder legtrainer of his hometrainer.

I will show a "A" for Armtrainier and "L" for Legtrainer like in the attached image but i can't fill a series with letters?

2. How can i show a time oder a date in the datagrid (not in datagrid header) ?? 

  I will show a duration of a training (min:sec) in the chart(but hidden) and in the datagrid like in the attached image??

attached image shows my chart. The chart includes 25 series. But only 4
series are not hidden. The titels in the chart are deleted.


Thank you for help,


Mengele Stefan 

file:///C:/DOKUME%7E1/MENS/LOKALE%7E1/TEMP/moz-screenshot.jpgPosted Image




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Hello, and thank you for your answer!

if i create my owndatagrid i need some information about the position the chart to alignmy grid like the image of my first entry.

1. How can i get the location from the chart (not the total width or height) like the blue cross in the image

2. Or how can i get the width of the chart (red line in the image)   

Best Regards,

Mengele Stefan

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