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Please help me. I have some problem of Chart FX 98.


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Hi all. I need to design a program in Visual Basic 6 that supports Chart FX 98. I have some question. If you help me ,I will be very  thankful.  Thanks.

The questions are

1. I need to download Chart FX 98, how (where) can I find (download) it.  I have download Chart FX 6.2 Client/Server. Can I use the "Chart FX 6.2 Client/Server" as Chart FX 98.

2. I have a program writen by VB6. and I installed the ChartFX 6.2 C/S . I registered it to my PC with WinXP SP2 but when I run the program ,I take this message " Line 871: Cannot load control Chtmain; license not found. "   I think that there is a problem of licensing. How Can I license it correctly.


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1) Chart FX 98 is discontinued. Please contact Software FX Support if you own Chart FX 98 and need new media. You will need some kind of proof of ownership.

2) Chart FX Client/Server 6.2 is a completely different product. In order to replace Chart FX 98 with Chart FX Client/Server 6.2 you will need to re-write some of your code.

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Hello. I see your advice and thank you. Maybe I will need to rewrite codes of the program. It takes a lot of my time :) . May I download Chart FX 98 from anywhere. Can I install it to my system WinXP SP2 and does it work at this system.if it works How  I license it.  

I have downloaded this files yesterday , I registered it.








ANNOTATEX.DLL  (this files are registered by "regsvr32" )

But  I have not  find CFX4OLE.DLL in internet. I think that it is license file of ChartFX 98  ( I read it from "Q1381005. Deploying ChartFX Client Server (formerly Chartfx 98)" ) If I register this file, will I be register the Chart FX 98.

Thank you.  

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You need an installer in order to get the license. Copying the files is not going to be enough.

Like I said in my previous posting, you need to contact Software FX support (support at software fx dot com) to get new media. You will need to provide them with Chart FX 98's serial number or proof of ownership.

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Hello. Please help me. How I convert to ChartFX Client Server 6.2  from Chart FX 98 . This codes are writed in Chart FX 98. I can't find its equivalent code in ChartFX C/S 6.2. Where can I find it. Please show me the way that how I convert it to Chart FX C/S 6.2




- Chtmain.ClearData CD_CONSTANTLINES

- Chtmain.Refresh

- Chtmain.OpenDataEx COD_CONSTANTS Or COD_ADDPOINTS, 100, 1

- Dim nCOD As CfxCod

- Chtmain.RealTimeStyle = CRT_NOWAITARROW

- Chtmain.ValueEx(0, 0) = Val(dizi(fileindex)) - ortalama

- Dim CfxArray As New CfxDataArray

- CfxArray.AddArray dizi

- Chtmain.GetExternalData CfxArray

- Chtmain.MaxValues = 500

- Chtmain.ZoomIn Text3.Text, Text5.Text, Text4.Text, Text6.Text

- Chtmain.TypeMask = Chtmain.TypeMask Or CT_EVENSPACING


- Chtmain.Height = frmmain.Height - tbToolBar.Height - Stform.Height - 4000

- Chtmain.Width = frmmain.Width - graphtoolbar.Width + 3000

- Chtmain.Left = graphtoolbar.Width + 5


- Chtmain.PatternBar = True

- Chtmain.DataEditor = True


- Chtmain.ToolBar = True

- Chtmain.Chart3D = False

- Chtmain.PrintIt(1, 1

- Chtmain.Row = DataPoint

- Chtmain.ToolTipText = "x,y = " + Str(DataPoint + "," + Str(Chtmain.Data))

- Chtmain.ColumnCount = Chtmain.ColumnCount + 1






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