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  1. Hello. Please help me. How I convert to ChartFX Client Server 6.2 from Chart FX 98 . This codes are writed in Chart FX 98. I can't find its equivalent code in ChartFX C/S 6.2. Where can I find it. Please show me the way that how I convert it to Chart FX C/S 6.2 Thanks. - Chtmain.ClearData CD_CONSTANTLINES - Chtmain.Refresh - Chtmain.OpenDataEx COD_CONSTANTS Or COD_ADDPOINTS, 100, 1 - Dim nCOD As CfxCod - Chtmain.RealTimeStyle = CRT_NOWAITARROW - Chtmain.ValueEx(0, 0) = Val(dizi(fileindex)) - ortalama - Dim CfxArray As New CfxDataArray - Cfx
  2. Hello. I see your advice and thank you. Maybe I will need to rewrite codes of the program. It takes a lot of my time . May I download Chart FX 98 from anywhere. Can I install it to my system WinXP SP2 and does it work at this system.if it works How I license it. I have downloaded this files yesterday , I registered it. SFXBAR.DLL CFX4032.OCX CFX4032.DLL CFX4FILTERS.DLL CFX4DATA.DLL SFXXMLDATA.DLL SFXCROSSTAB.DLL ANNOTATEX.DLL (this files are registered by "regsvr32" ) But I have not find CFX4OLE.DLL in internet. I think that it is license file of
  3. Hi all. I need to design a program in Visual Basic 6 that supports Chart FX 98. I have some question. If you help me ,I will be very thankful. Thanks. The questions are 1. I need to download Chart FX 98, how (where) can I find (download) it. I have download Chart FX 6.2 Client/Server. Can I use the "Chart FX 6.2 Client/Server" as Chart FX 98. 2. I have a program writen by VB6. and I installed the ChartFX 6.2 C/S . I registered it to my PC with WinXP SP2 but when I run the program ,I take this message " Line 871: Cannot load control Chtmain; license not found. " I think that
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