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I'm having troubles with MarkerStep property.

I have a line chart (see the attached CHD file) which display 10-minute


And I want to achieve the following:

- Display x-axis grid on 1-hour boundary, i.e. for every 6th point.

So I set Major Step = 6, Minor Step = 1 and Major Grid = ON and get the

x-axis labels and grid lines at positions 21:00, 22:00, 23:00 etc.

It's OK so far.

- Then I want point markers to be shown on x-axis grid lines, i.e. on 1-hour


And here I have the problems.

If I set Marker Step = 6, I get markers at positions 20:50, 21:50, 22:50

etc. (none is right)

If I set Marker Step = 7, positions are 21:00, 22:10, 23:20 etc. (only the

first is right)

How can I make markers appear at positions 21:00, 22:00, 23:00?

And why MarkerStep = 6 behaves differently compared to Major Step = 6?

Thanks in advance,


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What you want is to start on the first point right ?

Setting MarkerStep to 6 will put the first marker in point number 6 (6th

point), I think what you need is to start of at the first point so that you

have markers at 1,7,13,18,...

To do this, set the MarkerStep to -6

Setting to a negative value makes it start at the first point. I believe we

failed to mention this in the docs.



Software FX, Inc.

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  • 4 years later...

I think the main question here went unanswered... why the difference between the MarkerStep and the majorstep...

 i have a similar situation ...i have months on the X axis...for eg Jan Feb Mar...etc

I want the markers corresponding to every month....

Now setting the MajorStep to 30 gives me the month display on the x axis but when i set markerstep as 30, all the months with 31 days and 28 days get their marker messed up by 1/2 days ..Any way out  ???

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