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  1. We are unable to reproduce this problem using the latest Chart FX Lite download and Visual Studio 2005. Please attach the project that's producing the problem. -- Francisco Padron www.chartfx.com
  2. We are unable to reproduce this problem using the latest Chart FX Lite download and Visual Studio 2005. Please attach the project that's producing the problem. -- Francisco Padron www.chartfx.com
  3. You need to know the ID of the Chart control. If it is in a container it is probably being prepended something. Do Chart1.UniqueID to obtain the ID. -- Francisco Padron www.chartfx.com
  4. There is no specific event that the chart fires after it finishes downloading the file. I'm researching options. -- Francisco Padron www.chartfx.com
  5. No. You can achieve this with an image. The reason I asked is because the solution for one is quite different than the other. When using images, we allow you to customize the tooltip action by allowing you to define your own script that will run when the tooltip is to be shown. You need to write two JavaScript functions: function popupon (tooltip) { } function popupoff () { } In these functions you can perform your own action for when the tooltip is shown and when it is closed. In order to enable this behavior you need to set ImageSettings.ToolTips = ImageToolTipStyle.WithMous
  6. Set: axisY.LabelsFormat.Decimals = 2; The default value is 0. -- Francisco Padron www.chartfx.com
  7. The following article should get you what you need: Q7651001. Chart FX for VS 2005 and AJAX URL: http://support.softwarefx.com/ShowArticleSep.aspx?Type=KB&Product=CfxNet70&Source=http://support.softwarefx.com/kb/765/1/001.htm?_r=1 In particular, take a look at UserCallback Event, you can hook a JavaScript to your ComboBoxes and use this method to re-load the chart. -- Francisco Padron www.chartfx.com
  8. You can send Chart FX events as Callbacks instead of PostBacks by setting: UseCallbacksForEvents to true. I don't understand exactly what you want to do. What do you want to do via AJAX? -- Francisco Padron www.chartfx.com
  9. And then you are doing what with xmlDS ? I tried assigning it to a DataGridView┬┤s DataSource but got nothing. You said: > I am converting xml to dataset and that dataset attached to datagrid fine Where is that code ? -- Francisco Padron www.chartfx.com
  10. Yes IE6 is supported. ChartFX.NetIEClient.Olap.dll should be in your chartfx70\Download folder. Check that it is there and that the version matches that of ChartFX.NeIEClient.dll. Are you running this web site through IIS or using the Visual Studio ASP.NET server ? -- Francisco Padron www.chartfx.com
  11. Can you please attach a sample project that reproduces the problem. -- Francisco Padron www.chartfx.com
  12. You want to make it smaller? The margin properties: TopGap, RightGap,LeftGap and BottomGap Can be used to modify the margins. -- Francisco Padron www.chartfx.com
  13. We will correct this in the next service pack. You can manually assign the ToolTip text to a command by doing: chart.Commands[(int)CommandID.SmartLegendBox].Text = "Bo
  14. You can pass the DataSet object instead of the file. The Chart FX Data XML format looks like this: <?xml version="1.0"?><CHARTFX> <COLUMNS> <COLUMN NAME="Product" TYPE="String"/> <COLUMN NAME="Q1" TYPE="Integer" DESCRIPTION="1ST QTR"/> <COLUMN NAME="Q2" TYPE="Integer"/> <COLUMN NAME="Q3" TYPE="Integer"/> <COLUMN NAME="Q4" TYPE="Integer"/> </COLUMNS> <ROW Product="ChartFX 98" Q1="9200" Q2="7835" Q3="10245" Q4="8762"/> <ROW Product="ChartFX IE 3.5" Q1="14350" Q2="11233" Q3="16754" Q4="987"/>
  15. Are you using the .NET client control or are you generating an image? -- Francisco Padron www.chartfx.com
  16. > Question A: How do I get the numbers of points in a series ( not a major > issue but my I miss a function as Chart1.Points.Count gives an odd > result...) int n = chart.Data.Points; > Question B: I use a DataSource to retrive the values to the bubbleChart > ==> I have FieldMaps of Label, XValue, Value, Value No. You will have to get these values somewhere else and use the ConditionalAttributeCallback event to decide on the color based on this external data. -- Francisco Padron www.chartfx.com
  17. I don't understand the question. chart1.Data.X[0,0] = 2.9; // Assigns the first value of the FIRST series chart1.Data.Y[1,0] = 10.5; //Assigns the first value of the SECOND series -- Francisco Padron www.chartfx.com
  18. Try setting the Min as well. Setting the Max causes AutoScale to be turned off leaving the Min at an undefined value. -- Francisco Padron www.chartfx.com
  19. 1) The vertical "border" is by design in categorical charts. This is to allow combination with "centered chart types" such as bars. To avoid this border simply convert your chart to an X/Y chart by supplying X-Values to it. Both CurveArea and Lines support X-Values so you shouldn┬┤t have any problems doing this. 2) What you want here is to increase the y-Axis Max so that there is some more space left at the top of the chart. This can be easily done by changing the Max of the y-Axis after the data is passed to the chart. For example: chart.AxisY.Max = 1.1 * chart.AxisY.Max; -- Fr
  20. What do you mean by "completed"? -- Francisco Padron www.chartfx.com
  21. Which version of Chart FX are you using ? -- Francisco Padron www.chartfx.com
  22. Which version of Chart FX are you using ? -- Francisco Padron www.chartfx.com
  23. Although there is no one property that does exactly what you are describing, the Volume property can help you achieve the result you want. However, it will also affect the chart when it has more bars, so you will have to change this property dynamically when the number of points in the chart changes. -- Francisco Padron www.chartfx.com
  24. Each series can have it own gallery type. For example: chart.AllSeries.Gallery = Gallery.Scatter; chart.Series[1].Gallery = Gallery.Lines; chart.Series[2].Gallery = Gallery.Curve; -- Francisco Padron www.chartfx.com
  25. Sorry no dates at this point. -- Francisco Padron www.chartfx.com
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