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Installing in production

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Must the install program be run to install the chart onto our production 

or can the dll's just be copied?

We're on a server which is used by many other sites within my client.

If we need to install the chart on the production box we will need to go

through a hole testing phase with all the other sites to make sure we

don't screw them up. We're not using the PSS service.

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We can't have that.  How do we go about getting a refund?

Our application is on a shared environment.  Therefore every application in that environment must sign off that the install doesn't effect them.  That could take a month or more and cost our project thousands.

We are using the PSS service so there's no reason for an install.  Why don't you do what Component Art does and use a license file? 


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Our standard deployment mechanism is through the execution of the installer. However, we offer an alternate deployment method, based on a license file, for customers with special needs such as yours. If you are interested in this option, please contact technical support at support@online.softwarefx.com (remove online) for further details.

If you still want to get a refund, please contact our sales department at sales@online.softwarefx.com (remove online) for refunding details.



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