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How to Install ChartFX7WebForms.exe in silent mode


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Hi guys

We will install ChartFX7WebForms.exe in the Production Server of our clients using our own installer, so we were wondering if it exist a way to install this package by the command line using a switch like /s or something similar.

We don't want to have the ChartFX UI installing our own product.

Best regards.


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Chart FX 7 Web Forms is licensed on a per server basis, so a license is required per each server on which the software is installed. If you need to distribute Chart FX to a number of customers, along with your software, the best way to proceed is to sign an OEM agreement, which will provide you with ways to install Chart FX silently as part of your installation process.

Please contact sales@online.softwarefx.com (remove online) for further details about our OEM programs.



Software FX

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Hi Guys

We have an OEM agreement already signed with you. The company name is Averna and we can send you the document signed by e-mail if you want. So my question is still open, could you please give us a way to install ChartFX in silent mode ?

Here is the case:

Each client will have their own CD with their own serial number inside. Our installer will read that information to pass it then to the ChartFX7WebForms.exe installer. Then we will run your installer in silent mode.

Waiting for your instructions.

Best regards.

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