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Date on Axis X is showing last day of month instead of actual data from table.


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I have a chart that plots numbers with an x axis of dates. Every date in my data table is the first day of each month ex. 4/1/2010, 5/1/2010, 6/1/2010, etc...

When the chart displays it plots the x axis as the last day of the month ex. 4/30/2010, 5/31/2010, 6/30/2010, etc... How do I get the chart to plot the actual date from the table.

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The dates displayed in the X-Axis correspond to a range, they do not necesarilly match the dates in your data. You can have data comming every day and yet have labels in the X-Axis displaying months.

The end-of-the-month date that you see indicates when the month of data ends.

There are basically 2 paradigms to label the X-Axis:

- As a range, independent of the data points (except for the range).

- As each individual point.

If you want your labels to be those of each specific point, you must then assignthen as labels and not as X-values (default) when you do your binding (see FieldUsage.Label for details). Notice that doing this will eliminate all the automatic adjusting of label steps (days, moths, years) in the X-axis.

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