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  1. I have a chart that plots numbers with an x axis of dates. Every date in my data table is the first day of each month ex. 4/1/2010, 5/1/2010, 6/1/2010, etc... When the chart displays it plots the x axis as the last day of the month ex. 4/30/2010, 5/31/2010, 6/30/2010, etc... How do I get the chart to plot the actual date from the table.
  2. Has anyone figured out how to have 2 Y axis but have their gridlines lineup with each other?
  3. Thanks for the info, it is exactly what I was looking for. You'll have to forgive my ignorance, I'm very new to ChartFX. I have another question. Is there away to set the Min and Max values of a gantt chart from the same dataset that returns the start and stop values. Possible example dataset: Name MinDate MaxDate StartDate StopDate Task 1 1/1/2008 2/1/2008 1/1/2008 1/5/2008 Task 2 1/1/2008 2/1/2008 1/6/2008 1/20/2008 And so on....
  4. In the ChartFX .net 6.2 documentation there is references to DataType(0) property. This does not seem to exist in 7.0. Does anyone know where it is located or what the new property name is?
  5. Below is the image of what is produced. The first set of graphs in Pane 1 display as expected when Pane 2 is not visible (1st Image). But when Pane 2 is visible, the stacked bars don't work as expected after the first region (Image 2). The First Pane in Image 2 should still look exactly like it does in Image 1. Any ideas? Correct output: Bad Output:
  6. Well, I had seen that in another post, so I placed <trust level="Full" OriginalFileURL="" /> in the web.config and no glory. If there is something else I need to do to set this up, I would deffinetly appreciate specific directions. Thanks
  7. When rendering a chart as .NET the clickable points do not work. When rendering as an image the points work, but sizing the width with percentages does not work. Does any one know how to get around either one or both of theses issues? Thanks
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