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Problem setting data source in Creator


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I have created a script that outputs a series of dates and totals.

I'm trying to create a new PowerGadget and set the data source to be the .ps1 script file.  When I click finsh, it evaluates, the script and shows the results, but won't save.  Each time I click finish, it re-runs the script.  I have tried pasting the script into the window, but the same thing happens.

I was what I thought was a similar post, with no resolution.

If it matters, I'm running Windows 7 x64.  I also tried this on an XP workstation with the same result.




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I was having the exact problem earlier today. I'm not sure exactly what the cause was but its not doing it anymore. I don't remember if I open / closed a pre-existing gadget or open and closed the application multiple times. I know for a fact I'm attempting to use the same ps script. I know this probably doesn't help, but just open / close, restart or w/e it sounds like the creator might be goofing up for some reason.

- Travis

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The only difference I can think of between typing the name of the script in the creator and the copy/paste approach would be that when you just use PG Creator the current directory might not be the folder where the script is located.

Have you tried using a fully qualified script path or moving your script to a folder whose path is in the Path environment variable?


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