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Memory leaks when manipulating 'Visibility' property of 'DataView' and 'PointLabels'


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Apparentely, memory leaks under following circumstances. (I'm using build version .3565.)

1. When AllSeries.Marker.Visibility == Visibility.Visible,

2. When dealing with more than 50 points per series. (I tested with each 50 points for 3 series)

3. When displaying  each series in a different pane. (I used 3 vertical panes)

Then, change visibility of 'DataView' and 'PointLabels' couple of times it always ends up leaking memory and showing abnormal CPU usage patterns.


At first, I thought I was using something wroing in my project since I made a user control that includes a chart and a toolbar similar to the one in ChartFX 7.

So, I simply added the context menu to the reference project "AdditionalAxesAndPanes" with minimal changes to see how it goes.

I also added 40 more data to the 2008's source. Could you check the attatched project and tell me how to avoid this problem?










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We think we have fixed a couple of leaks exposed in your sample app in build 3576 or later.

Please note that in the chart1_DataBound function, the code is using the PointAttributes API although it seems to set these attributes on a per-series basis (i.e it sets all points of a particular series to the same attributes). You can achieve better performance and memory use if you use the Series API in this scenario.


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