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Unable to deploy project with ChartFX for WPF in it.


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I've installed WPF version 8.0.3422 but the build version .3488 is the one I'm using becasue there was an issue about using conditional attributes in real time action.

Anyway, I've completed my project and used VS Click Once method to deploy it.

Build the deploy version was successful, but the problem occured when installing the deployed application.

The message shows "The application requires that assemly ChartFX.WPF Version 8.0.3422.28509 be installed in the Global Assembly Cache(GAC) first."

I tested to install this in my local machine that I've been using for the project, which means 3422 has been already installed.

How shold I interprete this and more importantly what should I do to solve this propblem?

Thanks in advance. 

And one mroe thing, ever since I used hotfix build version .3488, chart wizard has disappeared in a chart control. Is this normal?


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Is your app a WPF browser application (XBAP) ?

Have you checked if the ChartFX.WPF.dll is being downloaded to the client machine?

Does the reference to ChartFX.WPF.dll has the CopyLocal property set to true?

Can you post a dummy app that exhibits this problem?

About the wizard, please check if when downloading the hotfix you ended up with 2 version of our design dlls. This would explain the wizard dissapearance. You must have a Design folder with all ChartFX.WPF assemblies with the word Design in the name and the version of the Design dlls should match the version of the runtime dlls (e.g. .3488)



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