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ZoomMode.Off, it didn't work.


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I've been working on continuous zooming method as ChartFX7 toolbar's zoom menu does.

I figured that if I want to zoom some specific area of the chart I have to first set "Chart.Zoom.Mode = ZoomMode.Selection" then drag the mouse where I want to be zoomed.

Here's the question, what if I clear the zoom mode with "ZoomMode.Off" to zoom out before dragging the mouse when ZoomMode is stiil Selection..

It's like this.

Step 1 : chart1.Zoom.Mode = ZoomMode.Selection;

Step 2 : You drag the mouse on the chart.

Step 3 : Use step 1 in a MouseUp event handler to keep zoom mode as Selection.

private void RunChart_MouseUp(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e)


if (_isZoomMode)


RunChart.Zoom.Mode = ZoomMode.Selection;

RunChart.Zoom.Style = ZoomStyle.Map;



Step 4 : You clear the zoom mode using "ZoomMode.Off;"

In this case, the chart keeps its zoom state as selection mode.

What should I do to zoom out?

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This bug has been fixed on build 3477 or later. Now setting ZoomMode.Off will zoom out even when set before the drag process. If you want to provide a button that "stays" in the zoom level you can set ZoomMode.Zoomed.

You can download our most recent hotfix here.



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