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Adding Series to Financial Chart


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Iam using ChartFX Financial Extension, Ive already added low,open,close,high,volume series. Iam unable to add one more series to the Chart. My code is

/* populating the dataset */

Chart1.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new FieldMap("Date", FieldUsage.XValue));


new FieldMap("Low", FieldUsage.Value));Chart1.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new FieldMap("Open", FieldUsage.Value));


new FieldMap("Close", FieldUsage.Value));Chart1.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new FieldMap("High", FieldUsage.Value));


new FieldMap("Volume", FieldUsage.Value));

Financial1.DataBindingSettings.LowSeries = 0;

Financial1.DataBindingSettings.OpenSeries = 1;

Financial1.DataBindingSettings.CloseSeries = 2;

Financial1.DataBindingSettings.HighSeries = 3;

Financial1.DataBindingSettings.VolumeSeries = 4;

/* Code to set Data for new series */

int seriesCount=Chart1.Series.Count;  // series count is still 4 (it should be 5)

Is it possible to add series to Chart having Financial extension ?


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No, it not possible to add more than 5 series to the Chart Financial.

Posted Image 

No of series

1 --> Use the series as CLOSE values

2 --> Use the first series as CLOSE values, second series as VOLUME

3 --> Use the first series as LOW values, second as CLOSE, third as HIGH

4 --> Use the first series as LOW, second as CLOSE, third as HIGH and fourth as VOLUME

5 --> the first 4 as LOW, OPEN, CLOSE, HIGH and fifth as VOLUME

more than 5 --> use the first five as described above and ignore remaining series

You can use the Chart FX Financial API to change Default behavior

If you passed the data as Volume, Open, High, Low, Close (in said order), Chart FX Financial will not display the chart correctly as the table shown above indicates when 5 series are present in the chart, the first series will be considered the Low values and not the Volume as you populated the chart. Chart FX Financial expects the data to me passed in the following order:

  • Low

  • Open

  • Close

  • High

  • Volume

  • Date

For further information, please refer to the Programmer's Guide & Samples --> Chart FX Extensions --> Chart FX Financial

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