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overflow error on SetScrollView


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guys can you please help me....

I have built my chart to following sample page on the ChartFX demo  to creating zoomscroll chart, see following link: http://demo.softwarefx.com/chartfx/aspnet/ajaxsamples/  and choose sample zoom scrollbar.

but when i change the the series to AxisY2, then i got error "overflow" do you have any idea how to resolve it? I think this is bugs on chartFX. whether i change setscrollview parameter by hardcoded value, it still got error.

To reproduce the error, just download the code from demo linkhttp://demo.softwarefx.com/chartfx/aspnet/ajaxsamples/ and change series axis to axisY2

ChartDetail.AllSeries.AxisY = ChartDetail.AxisY2;

ChartWhole.AllSeries.AxisY = ChartWhole.AxisY2;

Thank you

R. Hadi

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 I wouldn't think this is a Chart FX bug. Haven't looked at that sample in a while, but I believe there is more to setting the series to the secondary axis than the code you have posted. It seems you will have to re-write other parts of the sample as well.

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Thanks Andre, anyway I found the root cause problem...

If we set axis Y to axisY2 on the first page load(postback)... and when callback event raised then we must add syntax to re-setting the axisY series to AxisY2 again....

I think if chartfx still keep all styles when callback then it should be included style of axisY2 right?

void page_load(){ 

MainChartFX.AllSeries.AxisY = MainKPIChart.MainChartFX.AxisY2;


void ChartFx1_Callback(){

MainChartFX.AllSeries.AxisY = MainKPIChart.MainChartFX.AxisY2;

MainChartFX.SetScrollView(x1, x2);


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