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Stacked but not stacked graphs

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i wish to make a "stacked" graph but i wish them to be more like on top of

each other than stacked.

so if i had two bars, one 80 high, the other 100 high, i dont want them

stacked to be 180 high, but i want the 100 one behind the 80 one, so that 20

of it is above it (like it appears stacked)

at the moment i manually do this with a stacked chart, but the value of 20

that comes up isnt really correct, as the true value is 20 + 80 = 100

this is used for a minimum/average/maximum time plots in which the minium

and maximum are always less than and greater than the average respectively.

im not sure if there are other cases for this, but iassume there could be.

probably the most likely solution im after is if u can alter the position of

normal bar graph, to "slide" the bars back so their x pos = (same position

as the last), rather than x pos = (same position as last + width of bar)

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