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RenderFormat=".NET" generates column in cfx_replace


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I am using ChartFX 7 with VS 2005 on IE 7 browser. I have an app that uses master pages and we put in a chart. We set scrollable position to auto to see scrollbars as well as set RenderFormat=".NET" to make scrollbars work.

 When the page renders I get JS error : "(" expected. Upon further examination it looks like ChartFX generates a dynamic JS function(below) in Temp folder. If you look at the name you will see that it has colons, which is what I think crashes JS. Any help on this is appreciated, as this is causing us delays:


function cfx_replace_ctl0:ContentPlaceHolder1:chart1() {

document.write('<object codetype="application/octet-stream" id="_ctl0:ContentPlaceHolder1:chart1" classid="/chartfx70/download/ChartFX.NetIEClient.dll#ChartFX.NetIEClient.Chart" standby="Downloading Chart FX control please wait ..."  WIDTH="780px" HEIGHT="500px" >');


document.write('<param name="DataPath" value="/chartfx70/temp/CFV0428_0324331E055.chw"/>');

document.write('[Chart FX: .NET Active client requires Internet Explorer and .NET Framework 2.0 or greater installed on the client computer.]');


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Hi,Could you please report this problem to support at softwarefx dot com?

We will try to replicate the issue on our side so we can confirm it as a bug. However we would appreciate that you send an email detailing what happens at your end so we can properly track the incident.



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