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Relate a point to values on series?


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I'm trying to implement behaviour similiar to google finance where a user moves the mouse over a chart and it tracks on each series and displays the values for each series on the top of the chart.

I can use the HitTest method of the chart in the MouseMove event to determine when the user is in the Plot Area, but I can't find a nice way to determine what the value of each series should be.

Is there a simple way to take a Point object and determine what value for each series would match with it? 


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The approach to get the value of each series depends on how are you passing the data to the chart

- Is the X axis showing dates?

- Are you using a gallery that supports X values? e.g in a line chart with points on the following dates: Jan 1, Jan 2 and Jan 18, the distance between the first 2 points will be smaller than the distance between the second and third point.



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We build a small sample but forgot to add it to this thread. Hope it helps

Note that this is important that the 2 private members (m_hasXData and m_differentCountPerSeries) are set according to your data, for example in the OnXValues handler we plot XY data (similar to what you are probably doing using dates) and each series have a different number of points so wet set both variables to true.


Code and XAML attached.

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