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All - I have problems on my production server. after I installed monitoring tools, ChartFX component produce a lot error and slow performance. I use chartFX 6.2 to produce chart on web screen.

You can see snapshot on attachement.

The second row is method GetHTMLTag() which called by webpage to render chart and this method actually not consuming time much (generally 0.3 seconds).And the biggest part is GetLicense() method that is needed by ChartFX internally. We still don

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Chart FX indeed checks license every time. This is the way in which Chart FX ensures that licenses are being used correctly, that they are not tampered or installed in several servers at the time.  I apologize for the inconvenient, but this is part of  Chart FX inner architecture.


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thank you Juanz... now its clear that the problem is not on our code. or do you have any solution how to minimize the time such as change coonfiguration or should i change the way i render the chart?

is this could be happened also on the new version chartFX 7?

again, thanks juanz for quick responses...

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Even if the chart is rendered as an image, svg, flash, as a stream or ActiveX, it will check for the license before displaying. License checking is independent of Chart rendering. However the the way you render the chart will affect performance on the client. for more information about render formats please refer to: http://support.softwarefx.com/SupportDocTree.aspx?Prod=CfxNet62&Type=P  and go to Internet Features -> Rendering Methods.

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