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ERROR: Input string was not in a correct format


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I'm trying to create a chart with 2 series and I keep an error when I attempt to build it.

Exception Details: System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.

 My Code 


chartfx7:Chart ID="Chart1" runat="server" DataSourceID="ClientScoreDistribution" Height="250px" Width="375px">



<chartfx7:FieldMap DisplayName="PercentOfShops" Name="PercentOfShops" Usage="Value" />

<chartfx7:FieldMap DisplayName="SurveyYear" Name="SurveyYear" Usage="ColumnHeading" />

<chartfx7:FieldMap DisplayName="ScoreGroupIncrementsOf10" Name="ScoreGroupIncrementsOf10" Usage="RowHeading" />




<chartfx7:SeriesAttributes Text="SurveyYear 0" />

<chartfx7:SeriesAttributes Text="SurveyYear 1" />

<chartfx7:SeriesAttributes Text="SurveyYear 2" />



<br />

<asp:SqlDataSource ID="ClientScoreDistribution" runat="server" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:BMDW02.BMDWConnectionString %>"

SelectCommand="SELECT NDW_DetailRecords.ClientId, NDW_DetailRecords.QuestionnaireHeaderID, NDW_DetailRecords.SurveyYear, NDW_DetailRecords.ScoreGroupIncrementsOf10, COUNT(NDW_DetailRecords.NDW_DetailRecordsId) AS ScoreGroupNumberOfShops, NDW_EntitySnapshot.YTDNumberOfShops, CONVERT (decimal(18 , 4), CONVERT (decimal(18 , 4), COUNT(NDW_DetailRecords.NDW_DetailRecordsId)) / CONVERT (decimal(18 , 4), NDW_EntitySnapshot.YTDNumberOfShops)) AS PercentOfShops FROM NDW_DetailRecords INNER JOIN NDW_EntitySnapshot ON NDW_DetailRecords.ClientId = NDW_EntitySnapshot.ClientId AND NDW_DetailRecords.QuestionnaireHeaderID = NDW_EntitySnapshot.QuestionnaireHeaderID WHERE (NDW_DetailRecords.YearsBack IN (0, - 1)) AND (NDW_EntitySnapshot.OrgLevel = 'company') GROUP BY NDW_DetailRecords.ClientId, NDW_DetailRecords.QuestionnaireHeaderID, NDW_DetailRecords.ScoreGroupIncrementsOf10, NDW_EntitySnapshot.YTDNumberOfShops, NDW_DetailRecords.SurveyYear HAVING (NDW_DetailRecords.ClientId = @ClientId) AND (NDW_DetailRecords.QuestionnaireHeaderID = @QuestionnaireHeaderId)">


 <asp:QueryStringParameter DefaultValue="SV" Name="ClientId" QueryStringField="ClientId" Type="String" />

<asp:QueryStringParameter DefaultValue="74" Name="QuestionnaireHeaderId" QueryStringField="QuestionnaireHeaderId" Type="Int32" />


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 Ok, lets try something.

 first, save your query . Then delete the filters in statement:  HAVING (NDW_DetailRecords.ClientId = @ClientId) AND (NDW_DetailRecords.QuestionnaireHeaderID = @QuestionnaireHeaderId)

 Try to compile and build you app. Does that make it build correctly?

If so, please put again  the same filters, but instead of the @ClientId and the @QuestionnaireHeaderId, embed the default values.  Did that worked?

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