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  1. The ChartFX controls work perfectly across a range of browsers (including chrome), however, the GridFX controls do not. Chrome GridFX Output The frame of the grid is visible, viewing the page source confirms that the column header values and detailed data is there, but it is not visible in Chrome. I have the same problem when trying to interact with the samples on http://demo.softwarefx.com/gridfx/ Is there any solution to this or any planned? We're hoping we don't have to switch to another reporting tool. Thanks.
  2. I haven't been seen any information on a resolution from SoftwareFX yet, but this is a pretty major issue that I hope get's resolved ASAP!
  3. When I attempt to sort any field in Grid FX, I get the following error (on all of my grids): There was a problem while processing your request. The specific error message was: Exception type: System.InvalidOperationException Message: field 'Location' was added twice to the sort fields. Stack Trace: at GridFX.WebForms.GridSortingSettings.b(Object A_0, ListChangeEventArgs`1 A_1) at GridFX.WebForms.ObservableList`1.b(ListChangeEventArgs`1 A_0) at l8.a(ListChangeEventArgs`1 A_0) at GridFX.WebForms.ObservableList`1.Add(T item) at GridFX.WebForms.FieldReferenceCollection.Add(DataField item) at GridFX.WebForms.GridCommands.a(DataFieldSortCommandArgs A_0) at GridFX.WebForms.Command`1.d(TArgs A_0) at GridFX.WebForms.Command`1.a(CommandArgs A_0) at GridFX.WebForms.Grid.a(String A_0, kj A_1) at GridFX.WebForms.Grid.f(String A_0)
  4. I'm trying to create a chart with 2 series and I keep an error when I attempt to build it. Exception Details: System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format. My Code < chartfx7:Chart ID="Chart1" runat="server" DataSourceID="ClientScoreDistribution" Height="250px" Width="375px"> <DataSourceSettings> <Fields> <chartfx7:FieldMap DisplayName="PercentOfShops" Name="PercentOfShops" Usage="Value" /> <chartfx7:FieldMap DisplayName="SurveyYear" Name="SurveyYear" Usage="ColumnHeading" /> <chartfx7:FieldMap DisplayName="ScoreGroupIncrementsOf10" Name="ScoreGroupIncrementsOf10" Usage="RowHeading" /> </Fields> </DataSourceSettings> <Series> <chartfx7:SeriesAttributes Text="SurveyYear 0" /> <chartfx7:SeriesAttributes Text="SurveyYear 1" /> <chartfx7:SeriesAttributes Text="SurveyYear 2" /> </Series> </chartfx7:Chart> <br /> <asp:SqlDataSource ID="ClientScoreDistribution" runat="server" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:BMDW02.BMDWConnectionString %>" SelectCommand="SELECT NDW_DetailRecords.ClientId, NDW_DetailRecords.QuestionnaireHeaderID, NDW_DetailRecords.SurveyYear, NDW_DetailRecords.ScoreGroupIncrementsOf10, COUNT(NDW_DetailRecords.NDW_DetailRecordsId) AS ScoreGroupNumberOfShops, NDW_EntitySnapshot.YTDNumberOfShops, CONVERT (decimal(18 , 4), CONVERT (decimal(18 , 4), COUNT(NDW_DetailRecords.NDW_DetailRecordsId)) / CONVERT (decimal(18 , 4), NDW_EntitySnapshot.YTDNumberOfShops)) AS PercentOfShops FROM NDW_DetailRecords INNER JOIN NDW_EntitySnapshot ON NDW_DetailRecords.ClientId = NDW_EntitySnapshot.ClientId AND NDW_DetailRecords.QuestionnaireHeaderID = NDW_EntitySnapshot.QuestionnaireHeaderID WHERE (NDW_DetailRecords.YearsBack IN (0, - 1)) AND (NDW_EntitySnapshot.OrgLevel = 'company') GROUP BY NDW_DetailRecords.ClientId, NDW_DetailRecords.QuestionnaireHeaderID, NDW_DetailRecords.ScoreGroupIncrementsOf10, NDW_EntitySnapshot.YTDNumberOfShops, NDW_DetailRecords.SurveyYear HAVING (NDW_DetailRecords.ClientId = @ClientId) AND (NDW_DetailRecords.QuestionnaireHeaderID = @QuestionnaireHeaderId)"> <SelectParameters> <asp:QueryStringParameter DefaultValue="SV" Name="ClientId" QueryStringField="ClientId" Type="String" /> <asp:QueryStringParameter DefaultValue="74" Name="QuestionnaireHeaderId" QueryStringField="QuestionnaireHeaderId" Type="Int32" /> </SelectParameters> </asp:SqlDataSource>
  5. Is there a way to conditionally format the background color and/or font color in a cell? For example.... - when the cell value is negative, the cell background color is red (white font color) - when the cell value is positive, the cell background color is green (white font color) - when the value is 0, the cell background color is white, (black font color).
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