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Axis Spacing Issue


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Dear SoftwareFX WPF team,


I am having a problem with setting the chart scales in one specific case. Eg on a Barchart with 2 Bars of value 100 and an Yaxis scaling of 0/100 (min/max) there is a small space above the 100-Point over the axis. Setting the chart.Gallery to Gantt lets the unwanted gap still appear on the top (see pictures).

I was able to temporaily fix the issue with custom building PlotArea.Templates for each case, but this would not be acceptable in the final production environment. Unfortunatly this would be a killer for us for using ChartFX for WPF, where the other features seem very impressive so far.


Posted Image Posted Image


Does there exist a solution for this rendering issue?

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This is actually a feature, the idea is that we auto calculate the axis margin to avoid clipping, e.g if in your chart you turn on labels and position them on top of the bars, more space will be needed in order to show the labels.

<cfx:Chart.AllSeries>  <cfx:AllSeriesAttributes>   <cfx:AllSeriesAttributes.PointLabels>   <cfx:PointLabelAttributes Visibility="Visible" VerticalAlignment="Top" />   </cfx:AllSeriesAttributes.PointLabels>  </cfx:AllSeriesAttributes></cfx:Chart.AllSeries>

You can turn this feature off this by setting the AutoMargin property to false, e.g.

<cfx:Chart.AxisY>   <cfx:Axis AutoMargin="True"/></cfx:Chart.AxisY>

or in code

chart1.AxisY.AutoMargin = false;

Hope this helps.


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