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Plot Area Margins

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We are running into troubles with a secondary vertical "Y" axis on the far right side of a line graph that has 2 series of data. 

There is data dynamically being added to the chart every 5 seconds, giving the perception of a "real time" trend, and as the data values grow the y-axis also changes its values.  However, initial y-axis values appear to be "cut off" on the right hand side, and not have enough room to be drawn properly. Eventually, as the values get large enough, the plot area is dynamically resized to allow larger values for the y-axis.

Is there a way to set the plot area margins programmatically?

Kind regards,


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You can try setting the chart1.PlotArea.Margins property manually. If you also know in advance the range of your primary and secondary Y axes you can set their Min and Max properties.

Can you post a screenshot or even better some sample code that shows the "initial Y-axis values being cut off on the right hand side"?



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