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Just installed but nothing seems to have happened.


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I had the same experience.  I installed the software first on an existing Sharepoint 2007 Server (Windows 2003 R2 Server), and none of the SoftwareFX webparts show up.

 I tried to install the software on a Windows 2008 Server running Sharepoint 2007, and it keeps reporting that, 'Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 is required.'


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 I believe this may have something to do with the fact that you are running a non-root site collection. At the momment our installer has some problems identifying sites anywhere other than the top-level. We are working on fixing this and will definitely have it come release time. In the meantime, you can add the web parts to the Web Part gallery manually. Simply go to All Site Settings and select the Web Parts Gallery item in the Galleries section.

Once there, click on "new". A list with all the existing .webpart files will be displayed. The DataParts web parts should be there:

Chart, AdvancedList,CardView,HorizontalGauge,RadialGauge,VerticalGauge and DigitalPanel 

Simply select all 7 web parts and click on "Populate". The web parts shold now show in the web part gallery.

Please give this a try and let me know what you find.



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Uninstalled DataParts, then re-installed latest Beta build.

I don't see an, 'All Site Settings,' option from the Central Admin console. Under the 'Site Actions' tab I can select, 'Site Settings.' With this selected, I can click on the 'Web Parts Gallery,' item and select, 'new.' However, no SoftwareFX web parts are listed, just all of the default Microsoft parts.



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