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  1. Is it possible to configure the Advanced List (querying into an SQL server) to present the returned data as a drop-down list, instead of the default multi-page list? Thanks -
  2. Uninstalled DataParts, then re-installed latest Beta build. I don't see an, 'All Site Settings,' option from the Central Admin console. Under the 'Site Actions' tab I can select, 'Site Settings.' With this selected, I can click on the 'Web Parts Gallery,' item and select, 'new.' However, no SoftwareFX web parts are listed, just all of the default Microsoft parts. Regards, Aaron
  3. I had the same experience. I installed the software first on an existing Sharepoint 2007 Server (Windows 2003 R2 Server), and none of the SoftwareFX webparts show up. I tried to install the software on a Windows 2008 Server running Sharepoint 2007, and it keeps reporting that, 'Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 is required.' Arghh!
  4. After the initial query, the chart looks good with two data lines shown. After the second query, which should clear the data from the initial chart with, 'chart1.Data.Clear();' a second set of lines are drawn (in 3-D) behind the first set, and two additional entries are added to the legend box.
  5. I found that if I call, chart1.Reset(); this has the desired result of clearing the data from the chart, and redrawing with only the new data, however, this results in loosing all of my custom chart properties which were set on the form properties and is not desired.
  6. Updating to: chart1.Data[0, 0] = 0; chart1.Data.Clear(); still leaves the old data in the charts and stacks the new data behind it.
  7. Using a chart that the user can manually refresh (pulling new SQL data), I'd like to chart to be cleared (reset) before the updated chart data is displayed. I've tried including as the first item after the 'refresh' button is pushed: chart1.Data.Clear(); This, however still results in the follow up queries being stacked into the same chart, without the old chart data clearing. Thanks for any help!
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