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2 values in a gague chart?


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Sorry for the newbie question, I'm trying to get up to speed with Power Gadgets.  I've got a thermometer gague, with the data coming from my sql server.

 The documentation says to return only a single variable, but my sql returns 2 variables:  an actual value and a goal value.  So I would like to have my "goal" value as the maximum value and my "actual" value as the indicator.  So that when it refreshes, the actual value will keep increasing towards the top of the thermometer, which is the goal.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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You may not be able to provide the SQL script, but can you show how the values are retunrned?  Just simply copy and paste how the values are outputted, and possibly add this to the end of your PowerShell command or script "|get-member".

Using get-member allows me to see what kind of object is outputted.  It is possibly a string, but could also be some kind of SMO object (Sql server Management Object).


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thanks so much for the help.  My resulting sql looks like this:

Total 94561 7855

One row with 2 or 3 columns.  I can change it around though if needed. 

So I'm trying to get the top of the gague to be 94,561, and the filler part to only read 7,855.  The goal of 94,561 is a monthly goal and onlu changes at the beginning of every month.  The "actual" number of 7,855 increases steadily throughout the month as we try to reach our goal.

 My script looks like this:


'Total',(SELECT SUM(totalprocessed) FROM vw_total_numbers_0

WHERE RIGHT(trust,4) = 'goal') AS 'Total Goal',(SELECT SUM(totalprocessed) FROM vw_total_numbers_0

WHERE RIGHT(trust,4) <> 'goal') AS 'Actual'


Thanks again!

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